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The human body can be thought of as a well oiled machine. The various muscles, bones, joints, and tendons facilitate movements. They also carry the body weight and ensure sufficient support and strength. However, Machines can rust due to overuse or flaws.

The weight bearing joints, in particular, are very vulnerable to injuries. The knee definitely holds a special place in this context. It is a very large and complex joint that connects the thigh and the shin bones. It also joins a smaller bone called fibula and the knee cap.

The most common complaint of the patients is soreness and pain. Patients experience a lot of agony in the frontal area(kneecap or patella). This is a well known condition in the medical profession. The experts prescribe some type of knee pain treatment for relief.

Urban Troubles

In a large city like Mumbai, Life is very demanding and hectic. Professionals are very busy and they fail to notice a few key things. One important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is of course health and fitness. The other factors are sleep, tension, anxiety, stress and bad diet.

Heavy traffic and population density also creates a risky environment. On top of it, Motivated individuals take up challenging activities. Athletics and outdoor sports are profitable and fun. But they are also risky and lead to various injuries and disorders.

Two Main Complaints

Knee pain is a very general term that does not mean anything. The professionals rely on technical terms and identify the problem. Knee related complaints have a long history, but positive outcomes are rare.

A large number of professionals work in this field to find solutions. They include orthopaedists, knee specialists, sports doctors, and physiotherapists. They have identified  the following two problems as the most reported and researched - 

1.      Anterior Pain

The anterior or frontal knee portion emanates a lot of pain. It can be due to stress, strain, injury, or arthritis. The cartilage or tissue under the knee cap gets softened or damaged. Solutions include physiotherapy, medicines, and rest.

2.      Unstable Kneecap (Knee Buckling)

Kneecap instability or patella displacement causes unbearable pain. It can happen due to injury, arthritis, disease, or cartilage damage. The solutions prescribed depend on the severity of the damage or defect. They include surgery, braces, and physical exercises.

Wear and tear happens due to walking, running, climbing, etc., The key joints can buckle in stressful conditions and cause sudden pain. The best and safest solution is to consult with a knee pain specialist at the earliest.

Looking for Knee Pain Specialist? 

The joints ( also known as articulation) refer to the union of two or more bones. Without them, You and I won't be able to move, run or turn. And the dancers and sportsmen would not twirl, rotate, bend, or stretch. All these complex movements are ensured by the joints.

Unfortunately, Where there is movement there is also friction. Excessive use leads to stress, strains and unbearable pain. The knee joint is a perfect example of such risks and dangers. From ordinary people to athletes, Anyone can suffer from mild to severe knee pain.

Pertinent Causes

Technically, The knee joint has a modified hinge structure. It helps you move, flex, extend, and rotate (slightly). It not only connects multiple joints, but also bears the body weight. As a result it can get various types of injuries.

The patients who have knee pain do not know the reasons clearly. It could be due to a wound, tears or internal cuts, and swelling. Accidents and sporting traumas also lead to strains, sprains, and soft tissue damage.

Hence, It is very important for you to consult a knee pain specialist in mumbai. The professionals fully comprehend the knee anatomy and physiology. They also establish the pathology in clear cut terms. Their diagnoses are accurate and treatments are effective.

The most important causes or reasons for knee-related pains and ailments are -

1.      Strenuous physical activities, sports, and other outdoor recreations.

2.      Poor technique while running, jumping, horse riding, swimming, etc.,

3.      Sitting on the knees or in constrained spaces for long periods of time.

4.      Extended periods of rest (lack of use) followed by sudden bursts of activity.    

Specialist's Traits

Find the best knee specialist in Mumbai based on these important qualities -

·         A certified professional who is up to date with the latest developments.

·         He is empathetic to suffering and listens carefully to what you say.

·         A good communicator who also practises good bedside manners.



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