Physioworld have the Best Asthma Specialist

Someone who is unable to breathe right does not get the amount of oxygen needed to provide energy to the cells of the body. As a result, energy levels are low and activity decreases. When this happens, breathing is compromised and the problem is further exacerbated. Asthma is usually treated with drug therapy and by controlling environmental triggers. However, physiotherapy can provide much needed relief from asthma and help you lead a normal life.Physiotherapy, with its emphasis on movement, helps a person suffering from asthma to get moving, and as you begin to move, the lungs receive more air. An asthma therapy program is graded to suit the person’s physical condition.

• Improved breathing as your lungs receive more air • Increased energy
• Increased endurance
• Reduced stress
• Education in breathing control, work simplification and energy conservation

Many asthma sufferers are afraid to exercise, for fear they might trigger an attack. However, as you grow stronger, your respiratory muscles, like any other muscle, become stronger and breathing soon becomes normal.

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